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Tool for visualising the exact position of infrared curtains.
Product compatibility
  • 4SAFE

    The 4SAFE is a failsafe active infrared sensor which functions by distance measuring.

  • ixio-d for industrial doors

    The IXIO-D is a sensor which combines radar technology for the activation of the door and infrared technology for the user protection.

  • ixio-s for industrial doors

    IXIO-S is an active infrared safety sensor. The tridimensional area of its infrared curtain protects the users from any contact with the doors. Adjustment is made easier with an LCD screen offering 10 different widths of curtains, to cover the full travel area of the door.

  • condor

    The CONDOR has a microwave motion detector and an active infrared presence sensor built in the same housing.

  • ixio-d for industrial doors

    The IXIO-D INDUS combines two technologies – radar and infrared – to achieve a double goal: opening and protection.

  • milan

    The MILAN is an active infrared sensor working on the principle of the ground reflectivity analysis.

  • ixio-s for industrial doors

    The IXIO-S INDUS is an active infrared presence sensor. It functions on the basis of a constant analysis of background reflection.

  • RS-15 the opening and presence sensor for interior train doors

    Sensor with combined functions for internal doors, the RS-15 is designed to open doors when needed and keep them open in case of presence in the threshold for the passenger comfort and safety.

  • eyetech safety sensor for swing & revolving doors

    The EYE-TECH is a presence active infrared sensor operating by distance measuring.

  • 1safe opening & safety sensor for automatic doors

    The 1 SAFE is an active infrared sensor operating with background suppression (triangulation).

  • Opening and safety sensor for automatic sliding doors

    The VIO-D combines a motion radar sensor for opening the door with a double failsafe active infrared curtain for the protection of users, in accordance with the EN 16005 standard.

  • Safety sensor for automatic sliding doors

    The VIO-S is a presence sensor made up of a double failsafe active infrared curtain, offering high protection of individuals.

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