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Laser scanner system for automated windows
Technology Laser
LZR-W400 sensor for power-operated windows


The LZR®-W400 is a LASER-based 3D presence sensing device aimed at monitoring the hazerdous areas of power-operated windows or windowfacades. Thanks to a detection range of 5 m x 5m, one single sensor allows to monitor a complete window or a complete window façade.


High precision

Capacity to detect objects in cm-range and with a remission
factor down to 2 %.

3D coverage

Four planes covering a given area in height, width and depth.

High immunity

High immunity to environmental interferences due to time of flight with dedicated software, IP65 for external use.


The sensor can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Detection field
Table of specifications


laser scanner, time-of-flight measurement


Detection mode:

movement and presence


Detection range:

5 m x 5 m @ 2% remission factor*


Remission factor:

> 2 %


Angular resolution:

0,3516 °


Min. detected object size (typ.):

2,1 cm @ 3 m ; 3,5 cm @ 5 m (in proportion to object distance)


Emission characteristics:

IR laser: wavelength 905 nm; max. output pulse power 75 W (CLASS 1)
Red visible laser: wavelength 650 nm; max. output CW power 3 mW (CLASS 3R)


Supply voltage:

10-35 V DC @ sensor side


Power consumption:

< 5 W


Peak current at power-on:

1.8 A (max. 80 ms @ 35 V)


Cable length:

10 m


Response time:

typ 20 ms; max. 80 ms



2 electronic relays (galvanic isolated - polarity free)
Max. switching voltage: 35 V DC / 24 V AC
Max. switching current: 80 mA (resistive)
Switching time: tON=5 ms; tOFF=5 ms
Output resistance: typ 30 Ω
Voltage drop on output: < 0.7 V @ 20 mA
Leakage current: < 10 μA



2 optocouplers (galvanic isolated - polarity free)
Max. contact voltage: 30 V DC (over-voltage protected)
Voltage threshold: Log. H: >8 V DC; Log. L: <3 V DC



1 blue LED: power-on status
1 orange LED: error status
2 bi-coloured LEDs: detection/output status (green: no detection; red: detection)



125 mm (D) x 93 mm (W) x 70 mm (H) (mounting bracket + 14 mm)






black or white


Mounting angles on bracket:

-45 °, 0 °, 45 °


Rotation angles on bracket:

-5 ° to +5 ° (lockable)


Tilt angles on bracket:

-3 ° to +3 °


Protection degree:



Temperature range:

-30 °C to +60 °C if powered; -10 °C to +60 °C unpowered



0-95 % non-condensing



< 2 G


Pollution on front screens:

max. 30 %; homogenous


Norm conformity:

This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.


Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice – Measured in specific conditions.

  • LZR-W400 sensor for power-operated windows

    Laser scanner system for automated windows

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