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Lavoro e carriere

"Our passion has no border !"

Da BEA siamo convinti che sono le persone a fare la differenza e il nostro obiettivo è quello di creare una cultura del rispetto, dell’innovazione e del lavoro di squadra. Siamo sempre interessati a parlare con persone di talento che desiderino entrare a far parte di un’azienda leader del settore nel campo del rilevamento a sensori.

Se pensi di avere quello che ci vuole, saremo lieti di sentirti.

Offerte di lavoro attuali

Sales Manager & Sales Talent


BEA is a leading manufacturer of sensing solutions for automatic door systems and for industrial doors. BEA sensors ensure comfortable opening and safety of users around doors.

The company was founded in 1965 and it is headquartered in Liège, Belgium. BEA has additional offices in the United States, in Japan, Singapore and China. Our products can be found and seen all across the globe. They are probably the most disseminated Walloon product worldwide.

Success within the historical markets and rapid advancements in technology has fuelled BEA’s growth into new markets and we now also offer a complete line of access control, safety and security solutions for industrial-, security- and transportation-based segments.

Looking permanently forward, BEA continues to design and develop solutions for new applications like vehicle and people counting solutions.


We are looking for various sales profiles linked to specific geographic areas whose task will be to identify, develop and close sales of BEA products in different segments of activity.

Today, our sales staff is made of following positions:

  • Customer officer
  • Technical sales
  • Sales Manager


After in-depth and continuous technical and sales training, common skills and competencies are:

  • Ability to understand customer’s needs and demands, and put these into a global context
  • Ability to develop subtle, dedicated and oriented sales argumentation
  • Display clear team-playing attitude to efficiently exchange or seek valuable information within the team
  • Readiness to stretch your comfort zone, because learning is a continuous process 😉
  • In all cases, remain positive, good-willing and confident
  • Have and share fun.

Depending on the position you will apply for, one or more of the following skills will be expected:

  • Wish and will to share your knowledge (learned in house) with sales and/or technical staff of our customers during dedicated training sessions
  • Wish and will to spend 20 to 40% of your working time abroad, in your dedicated area, to share the BEA message
  • Ability to implement a strategic business plan based on current BEA’s analysis and conclusions in a given segment
  • Ability to create and defend your own strategic business plan for a given segment or area in the team
  • Display clear team-orientation pushing you to create internal heroes as opposed to seeking to become a hero yourself.


As a group, we make 95% of our sales outside of French speaking areas. Native French is not a must. In the European Business Unit, the sales areas are clearly defined, so following language combination are welcome:

  • German & Slavic language (e.g. Polish/Czech)
  • English & Scandinavian language
  • English & Dutch
  • Italian & Spanish
  • Italian & Turkish.

Please do not insist with only English-Spanish, unless you plan to move to our US subsidiary one day. But in this case, Portuguese (Brazilian) would be an extra!


Around the world, BEA employs more than 400 enthusiastic people who invest their time, talent and energy into the advancement of the BEA brand. From engineering and production to sales and support, the BEA team is dedicated to bringing our customers the highest level of satisfaction, both with our products and the support they receive.


If you think you’ve got what it takes and you want to make the difference with us we’d love to hear from you:

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BEA Sviluppo su misura

Sviluppo su misura

BEA investe attivamente nella formazione dei propri dipendenti. Ci proponiamo di fornirti gli strumenti, siano essi tecnici, orientati alle vendite o all’assistenza, perché tu possa riuscire e svilupparti, sia sul piano professionale, sia su quello personale. L’obiettivo principale di questi corsi di formazione, sia tecnici, che di comunicazione o relazione, è quello di concentrarsi sullo sviluppo personale, mediante l’acquisizione di nuove competenze o il potenziamento delle proprie conoscenze.

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